Watermelon Salad

Watermelon Salad

Juicy, red watermelons are the star attraction in this watermelon salad with salad greens, mint, pistachios, and feta cheese crumbles.  What a perfect way to welcome summer! This simple vinaigrette of olive oil and flavored white balsamic is the same one I use on the Pear Date Salad and the Massaged Kale […]

Grilled Caesar with Chicken

Grilled Caesar Salad with Chicken

Grilled Caesar Salad with Chicken is a variation of that beloved classic salad invented out of necessity so many years ago. Do you know the history behind Caesar salad? According to Wikipedia, on July 4, 1924, Caesar Cardini created this salad when his restaurant in Tijuana, Mexico ran out of ingredients […]

Beet salad

Beet Salad

I fell in love with beet salads long ago when the best way to prepare a beet was to steam it for an hour.  Since that salad took so long to prepare, we only ate it on special occasions. Several years ago I noticed something new (to me): packages of […]

Roasted Radicchio Salad

Roasted Radicchio Salad

Roasted radicchio salad is my attempt to recreate the grilled radicchio salad we first ate decades ago at Lambert’s of Taos, a popular restaurant in northern New Mexico. Radicchio looks a bit like red cabbage, but it’s actually a type of chicory. It has more in common with artichokes and […]

Traditional Balsamic Vinaigrette

Traditional Balsamic Vinaigrette

A key ingredient of Grilled Radicchio Salad, a delicious salad we fell in love with at Lambert’s of Taos, is a traditional balsamic vinaigrette. The first time I tried to recreate this salad, I combined roughly equal parts traditional balsamic and olive oil. That works great for flavored white balsamic, […]

warm mushroom salad

Warm Mushroom Salad

I like salads all year round, and this warm mushroom salad is especially nice in the winter. When it’s cold outside, warm mushrooms atop a green salad seem like a perfect complement to most meals. I’ve been making warm mushroom salads for decades, and I’ve seldom made it the same […]

papaya chicken salad

Papaya Chicken Salad

Papaya chicken salad has several ingredients you’d expect plus one that might surprise you. Papaya seeds! Those peppery seeds I’d always thrown away have some unexpected health benefits. According to, papaya seeds can help fight infections, may protect kidney functions, could have anti-cancer properties, and may improve digestive health. […]

Pear date salad

Pear date salad

When I can find Asian pears, I’ll use them to make a pear date salad. Asian pears are known by several other names including apple pears, sand pears, Japanese pears, and Chinese pears, to name a few. They are shaped more like an apple, but they really are pears that […]

Kale salad with cherries

Kale Salad

If you are planning meals for a long motorhome trip — or trying to limit grocery store visits during a pandemic — consider a kale salad for the second week of your trip. Fresh kale will keep for a week or two in the refrigerator. Since kale stems take a […]

cucumber salad

Cucumber Salad

My mother-in-law, Betty Zalmanek, is famous for her cucumber salad.  Her kids ask her to bring it to every family gathering. Whether or not you peel the cucumbers is a matter of personal preference, and perhaps what kind of cucumbers you use. English cucumbers — the ones that come wrapped […]