Basic Kitchen Essentials

I’m assuming most people reading this blog have kitchens with at least bare-bones essentials: a refrigerator, cooktop, convection microwave (or conventional oven and microwave), and running water. Beyond that, I inventoried items in my RV kitchen to come up with the following list. 

Some of the links on this page will go to Amazon. 

Essentials for Serving Meals

  • Light-weight, microwave-safe Corelle dishes are break and chip resistant, but if they go flying out of the cabinet after hitting a pothole, you may lose a few. (See number 6 on the list of 10 Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make in Your One-Butt Kitchen.) This 16-piece set has service for 4, which includes dinner plates, smaller plates, bowls, and mugs.  
  • Stackable plastic glasses will take up less room.
  • This stainless steel travel mug can be used for hot and cold beverages. It comes with 2 lids, a straw, and a cleaning brush. It’s a space saver in our one-butt kitchen since we used to have separate travel mugs for hot and cold drinks. Be sure that the base of the mug fits into your cup holder so you can enjoy your beverage on the road. 
  • Double-walled, stemless wine glasses are good for wine, cocktails, hot coffee, and other drinks. Even though these glasses are supposedly tough and durable, I wrap mine in the mesh sleeves that protect Asian pears.
Asian pears wrappers
Use the protective mesh from Asian pears to cover wine glasses or other breakables.
Palm Leaf Plates
Biodegradable and compostable palm leaf plates are made from naturally fallen Areca palm leaves.

Essentials for Food Preparation

  • Since things in an RV get jiggled around a lot, covers on knives will help protect the knife edges and anything they might rub against.  In my set of knives with covers, the ones I use most are a paring knife, a 10-inch chef knife, and a serrated knife. 
  • Flexible plastic cutting board mats can make food prep and cleanup easier. When you’ve finished cutting onions, for example, hold the mat above the pan, dump the diced onions into the pan, and rinse off the mat for easy cleanup.
  • Make short work of peeling carrots, cucumbers, potatoes, and other veggies with a vegetable peeler.  It can also be used to shave parmesan cheese. 
  • Since a lot of my recipes use garlic, a garlic press gets a lot of use in my one-butt kitchen. 
  • Spatula, cooking spoons, tongs, soup ladle 
  • Measuring spoons and cups
  • Can opener, bottle opener, corkscrew
  • Collapsible colander, mesh strainer
  • 2 saucepans, soup pan, medium, and large non-stick skillets
  • Coffee pot (or teapot, coffee grinder, and French press)
  • Mixing/serving bowls
  • Heavy duty aluminum foil, plastic wrap, parchment paper
  • Ziploc freezer baggies and containers