Bacon avocado toast

Bacon Avocado Toast

More often than not, when we are moving the motorhome from point A to point B, I’m looking for a fast, easy breakfast.  Here are my top six quick breakfasts: 

  1. Bacon avocado toast
  2. Ready-made egg dishes (Egg Bites and Special K Crustless Quiche from Costco are easy to heat in the microwave.)
  3. Cereal and yogurt
  4. Protein shake
  5. Energy bar
  6. Breakfast cookies (made ahead and zapped in the microwave) 

When we are stationary for a few days, I love making special breakfast for family and friends.  My favorite breakfasts that take a little bit more times are: 

  1. Ziploc omelets (Making this for a group turns into a social event. Everyone makes their own.)
  2. Smoked salmon hash
  3. Nacho everyday eggs
  4. Smoked salmon scrambled eggs with asparagus or kale
  5. Chocolate peanut butter pancakes (Pamela’s gluten-free pancake mix, prepared according to directions on package, with a handful each of peanut butter chips and chocolate chips) 
  6. Egg tortas (look for recipe in future post)

Bacon avocado toast is a good use for an extra avocado or leftover guacamole.  I discovered  pre-cooked bacon when I was looking for an easier way to make devils on horseback (dates stuffed with goat cheese and almonds and wrapped with bacon).   When I have some pre-cooked bacon on hand, I save enough to treat myself to bacon avocado toast.

Does it really take 5 minutes to make this? That includes time to get the toaster out of its hiding place and put it back.  It’s a quick meal, honest!

Active time:  5 minutes Total time: 5 minutes

One-butt kitchen needs: 

  • Toaster

Serves 2 


  • 2 slices bread (gluten-free or regular)
  • 1 small avocado
  • 4 slices pre-cooked bacon


Toast bread. Cover toast with sliced or mashed avocado (or guacamole). Zap bacon in microwave for 30 seconds.  Fold the bacon once or twice to fit atop the avocado. 



  1. Marylin Warner

    I LOVE this, Mary!
    And it was even easier because when the grandkids were getting ingredients, all the avocados were too hard to use right away. Soooo, they chose a small container of real guacamole. We all enjoyed having them serve us our Bacon/Avacado toast. Yea!


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